EKINOPS at the forefront of delivering leading-edge solutions for your data center interconnection (DCI).

With the increasing uptake of Cloud-based services and network functions virtualization (NFV), data centers are becoming the crossroads of the next-generation network that require ubiquitous access to content and rapid distribution of data and applications to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Understanding this fundamental shift has put EKINOPS at the forefront of delivering leading-edge solutions for your data center interconnection (DCI) applications with the highest capacity, longest reach system on the market today.


Space and power are at a premium to drive your revenue generating compute and storage systems so your networking equipment has to have a minimal impact on your operations. EKINOPS understands the need for efficiency in the data center and we have designed our solution to deliver the highest capacity using the least amount of resources. Compared to competitive fixed-configuration devices that are designed for the “Big Five” data center operators, the EKINOPS C200HC with the PM_20020-MA has the flexibility and capacity to address any size DCI application:

  • 200G line rate transport, doubling the standard for connectivity
    • 10G and 100G transport rates also available to right-size your bandwidth for locations with lower traffic requirements
  • 400G of transport capacity in a single 2RU shelf and up to 19.2T per fiber
  • 120 Km reach in a single span without using in-line amplifiers
  • Modular system allowing you to match your network capacity and power usage to your transport requirements
  • Port-based growth in 10G, 40G or 100G increments providing maximum flexibility as your network scales
  • 0.65W per gigabit delivered, less than half the competition

If you need to connect your data centers - whether across town or across the ocean - EKINOPS has the solution for you.

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