Fronthaul represents the next frontier in 3G/4G mobile network architecture and EKINOPS is here to deliver the most cost-effective solution available.

The RAN evolution is one that is driven both by technology advancement and economics. The increased use of the mobile network to deliver content - data and video in particular - is putting a strain on the existing copper-based telco infrastructure. The need for more bandwidth means the need for multiple radio frequencies at any particular site in turn requiring multiple additional remote radio heads (RRHs).

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With the EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform, you can optimize your network to provide exactly the support and performance you demand.

Metro and enterprise networks are characterized by shorter distances and far more heterogeneous service profiles than long haul and core networks where traffic has already been aggregated onto a common transport infrastructure. Traffic is added and dropped at more locations and the service mix is more volatile requiring greater flexibility and manageability from your optical transport platform.

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The EKINOPS 360 platform provides all of this for your backhaul traffic or for connecting geographically remote locations that are not easily accessible.

As a service provider with a rural network, you know how difficult it is to manage and operate it in remote areas over extended distances. You need the network to be reliable with minimal maintenance while at the same time it has to be an engine for growth to meet changing market conditions and new revenue opportunities. To overcome these challenges, it is important that your optical transport solution have extended reach, broad service flexibility and can be installed anywhere.

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The EKINOPS 360 optical transport system provides the most operationally efficient and cost effective method for deploying alien wavelengths.

The increase in data, video and mobile usage on many networks is leading to an unprecedented capacity crunch and forcing carriers to find ways to deploy more bandwidth. The problem is most operators don’t have the budget to add new rings or spans. Rather than overbuild an entirely new network, more and more operators are deploying alien 100G wavelengths over their existing 10G infrastructure.

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The EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform is a high capacity 1.2 terabit system capable of 10G and 100G ultra-longhaul transport up to 6000 Km in as little as 1RU.

Longhaul transport networks present unique challenges simply due to their distance. They are expensive because they require more amplification and regeneration sites than metro networks. They are also operationally difficult because even normal activities such as wavelength turn-up and tuning typically require dispatching technicians to remote areas many miles from the nearest support site. Unplanned events such as outages and fiber breaks only compound the cost and difficulty.

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EKINOPS at the forefront of delivering leading-edge solutions for your data center interconnection (DCI).

With the increasing uptake of Cloud-based services and network functions virtualization (NFV), data centers are becoming the crossroads of the next-generation network that require ubiquitous access to content and rapid distribution of data and applications to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Understanding this fundamental shift has put EKINOPS at the forefront of delivering leading-edge solutions for your data center interconnection (DCI) applications with the highest capacity, longest reach system on the market today.

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Latest News

  • Pennsylvania’s KINBER Selects EKINOPS to Increase Network Capacity to 100GE

    The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER), Pennsylvania’s statewide research, education and community networking organization, has vastly increased its capacity and service capability over its statewide PennREN backbone infrastructure using optical networking equipment from Ekinops.

  • EKINOPS completes the acquisition of OneAccess

    Ekinops, a leading supplier of next-generation optical network equipment, is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of OneAccess.

  • Ekinops, Growth Companies’ Grand Prize Winner 2017

    Ekinops, a leading supplier of next-generation optical network equipment, was awarded the 2017 Growth Companies' Grand Prize in the Electronics and Robotics category, for companies with between €5 million and €20 million of turnover, at a ceremony held on May 31, 2017.


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