The EKINOPS 360 Dynamic, Multi-Reach Transport system: a next generation optical transport platform that provides DWDM and CWDM on a single platform.

The EKINOPS 360 is a dynamic, multi-reach optical transport system providing advanced networking capabilities for access, metro, regional and long haul applications based on its unique programmable hardware that delivers today’s solutions using tomorrow’s technology”.

EKINOPS 360 Platform
EKINOPS 360 Platform

At the heart of the EKINOPS 360 lies the T-Chip® (Transport on-a-Chip Technology) that enables fast, flexible, and cost-effective service delivery. The T-Chip® provides a programmable infrastructure capable of supporting any application type - both existing and future - from a common platform to speed the development and lower the cost of the EKINOPS transport solutions. Having all capabilities on a single chip provides cost and manufacturing efficiencies which in turn provide for fast and cost-effective service delivery. The 360 platform also supports EKINOPS patented DynaFEC® technology that delivers superior Forward Error Correction for greater reach even over older fiber.

The EKINOPS 360 platform delivers rates from 100Mbps to 200G today and can scale to 400G and beyond. The T-Chip® is produced exclusively by EKINOPS and is not dependent on component manufacturers for new transport capability on the 360 system. This means EKINOPS can deliver functionality ahead of the market providing our customers a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. The EKINOPS 360 also offers a wide range of optical layer solutions from amplifiers to a truly scalable ROADM. These solutions allow our customers to minimize their upfront costs and grow their networks in a profitable manner.

The EKINOPS 360 platform is a NEBS Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant rack mountable transport system that spans metro, regional, and long haul applications. It supports a wide variety of data protocols and rates with channel plan options scaling to over 8 Tbps. In addition, the EKINOPS 360 platform offers a single fiber option that supports up to 320 bi-directional 10 Gbps channels or 32 bi-directional 100G channels today with larger channel options planned for the future. The 360 platform consists of a modular 7RU chassis for high density applications, a modular compact 2RU chassis for low-density applications, as well as dual profile 1RU 100G shelf. With its unique combination of programmability, service density and configurability, the 360 platform offers unprecedented levels of flexibility to meet any network challenge.

The platform includes optical multiplexers (Mux/Demux), reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADM) and optical amplifiers (OA). Mux/Demux filter modules are designed in a modular fashion to accommodate channel growth without service interruption.

  • Flexible, Scalable architecture enabled by the T-Chip® (Transport on-a-Chip Technology)
  • Highly scalable solutions with low up-front costs
  • The industries only firmware upgradeable 100G solution (upgrades from a muxponder to a transponder to future-proof your investment)
  • A single system that scales metro, regional and long haul distances over 2000km with full channel counts as well as submarine networks up to 6000 Km.
  • EKINOPS DynaFEC®, the industries’ leading FEC technology bringing reach through software rather than more expensive hardware solutions
  • Advanced network management capabilities via Celestis Pilot, EKINOPS next-generation network management system
  • Remote network turn up using Celestis LightUp to lower the cost and time required to commission a network
  • Network resource optimization using Celestis Optimizer
  • Scalable ROADMs supporting in-service upgrades from 2 degrees to 8 degrees and from a one to 88 channels local add/drop
  • Aggregation of multiple protocols over a single wavelength (Ethernet, Video SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel FICON Escon and more)
  • Up to 400km with no in line amplifiers with full channel capacity
  • Single fiber bi-directional transport supporting up to 320 10G channels
  • Cost optimized service modules for common applications
  • Gateway capability for protocol bridging:
    • LAN PHY to WAN PHY
    • OC-192 to LAN PHY
  • Small footprint - 2RU and 7RU; as much as half the size of competitive solutions
  • Low latency
  • Low power utilization; as much as 40% less than competitive solutions
  • Remote management utilizing DCC separate from traffic but transported without a separate wavelength
  • SONET/SDH PM, RMON for Ethernet
  • Standard SFP and XFP support
  • DWDM and CWDM on a single platform
  • Line side 1+1 redundancy
  • Legacy DWDM system migration, aggregating multiple protocols into a single legacy system wavelength or service, protecting your past investment.


The capabilities of the EKINOPS 360 platform are delivered using the modular flexibility of the C200HC and C600HC chassis, and the dual option RM 10010/10001 shelf.

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High bit rate modules : 200G / 100G

EKINOPS high-speed 100G and 200G coherent solutions are designed to deliver the highest capacity transport available at the lowest cost per bit for both greenfield networks as well as alien wavelengths on existing networks for all applications from metro access to ultra-long haul.

Browse EKINOPS High bit rate modules : 200G / 100G

10G modules

EKINOPS offers a variety of 10G modules to support virtually any type and mix of client services from Ethernet to Fibre Channel to TDM to video over a single 10G wavelength.

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OTN line of products

EKINOPS has added standards-based OTN capability to our patented T CHIP® (Transport on-a-Chip technology), so it is both compatible with existing EKINOPS systems and fully interoperable with a multi-vendor environment including OTN switched networks.

EKINOPS OTN line of products

Infrastructure elements

EKINOPS offers a full suite of optical layer modules including EDFA and Raman amplifiers, mux/demux filters, fixed and reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (OADM/ROADM), protection switches (OPS) and dispersion compensation units.

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The EKINOPS Celestis Pilot provides a single network management platform to manage all service types and rates delivered by the EKINOPS 360 platform.

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